Thursday, March 30, 2017

Almost too tired to cook stroganoff

Ok so I'll be the first to admit that when you are tired, going out sounds like a REALLY good idea.
I've got the Gattis pizza down the street on speed dial. A dozen Pizza rolls, house made ranch, and 10-15 minutes is my GO TO too-tired-to-cook meal. They are good warm, cold, even two days old!
(Gattis doesn't pay me to write about them, but if anybody from HQ is reading, if you want to hook me up with free pizza rolls for life, that would be cool. They are the best.)

BUT you can't go out to eat every night, I mean you can, but if you spend $15 on dinner every night, you will spend $5475 just on dinner, not counting breakfast, lunch, or any snacks. I am trying to put together a series of ALMOST too-tired-to-cook meals, quick and easy to make meals that can save you some serious coin without making you work too hard.

This is one of my favorite recipes, it can be prepared in the time it takes to cook the pasta.

Actually, that reminds me of another app that I use called Ibotta!

It is one of the MANY grocery rebate apps that you can use to get cash back on groceries.

You take a picture of your receipt,
Take a picture of the barcode,
Get the rebate credited to your account in 24-48 hours!
Any brand Milk, Eggs, fresh produce, etc are regulars on the rebates list.
When you get over $25 you can cash out via paypal or gift card. In 6 months I have gotten $50 back so it's totally worth it.
And if you use my referral code, you can get $10 and I will get $5 (Thanks by the way!)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

March Check-In

Iiiiiiiiiiiiit's a beautiful day to be alive, I'm Nifty Nate, and THIS is the nice life.

I just bought Gatti's pizza rolls tonight and they were AWESOME. Absolutely perfect, THANK YOU GUYS YOU ARE THE BEST!

I used to work at Gattis and might have stayed longer if it wasn't for what felt like 60 some odd chairs made of solid wood weighing an excessive amount that needed to be lifted up and put down every night. They need to invest in aluminum chairs, they are solid, will last forever and weigh less than 10 lbs. My Gattis was a buffet location. LOTS of free pizza, too much pizza, no I lied there's no such thing. Not a large enough cardio exercise to pizza ratio is more realistic. 

But it was the tips that I saved from that job that got me where I am today. I live on my own, I have 6 months living expenses in cash savings earning me between .95% and 5% I got my free $20 for depositing $40 into my high interest savings accounts. AND I NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR LIFE.

The entire bill that I paid tonight (including the tip) was 2% off. The gas I used to drive over was free (Thanks to Plenti) and the electric bill that I pay to keep the pizza rolls cold in the fridge? Yep, 2% off. 

I just wanted to do a check in to show you where my cash back savings stand after 6 months of use:

My little piggies worked hard over the last 6 months to make me $404.19
I didn't spend any more than I would have,  my emergency savings are MAKING me money,  and I haven't paid full price for ANYTHING. Now I am posting it all here so YOU can do the same!

Coincidently, a round trip flight to an all inclusive hotel in Cancun with some spending pesos ALSO comes out to $404.19 Actually if you were to put that money into an ultra high interest savings account, it would make $20.21 in interest by this time next year! If I were to keep saving at this rate I would make over $800 by next year!

Occidental Tucancun all inclusive hotel resort package: $220
Round trip flight to cancun from Houston Tx: $157
Spending/tipping money $509.19 Pesos 
Total: $404.19

SO: Who helped pay for my all inclusive trip to Mexico?

Ibotta: Grocery rebates so far $50.41

Credit cards:

American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card: $138.11
I use this card at all grocery stores because it will earn me 3% cash back on everything from Chick-fil-a Gift Cards to Thanksgiving Turkey.

Citi Double Cash Card: $117.14
I use this card for the bulk of my purchases, earning 2% cash back everywhere it is accepted.

Capital One Journey Card: $61.03
Earning 1.25% cash back, I use this card at Costco, purchases outside the country (no foreign transaction fee), and anywhere Mastercard isn't accepted (Which so far is only in some parts of Mexico and all of Costco in my experience.)

Plenti: $25 Because Gas is statistically cheapest Jan-March I cashed out 2500 points AGAIN for a free tank of gas while gas was $1.99/Gallon. This way I get the most gas for my points. They expire after two years, so you should use know...because it's free money.


Western Union Netspend $1000 loaded, earning $50 per year in interest. $12.5

MyNetspend: Ordered 1 month after the first card (to build an income ladder) Earning $50 per year in interest. $12.5

Brinks: Scheduled for April (to build the income ladder) Will earn $50 per year in interest.

Ace Elite: Scheduled for May (to build the income ladder) Will earn $50 per year in interest.

I am setting them up this way so I get an interest payment every month. You don't HAVE to do it this way. However, I do it because it gives me the choice to reinvest the interest every month as opposed to every three and I like that. Sometimes I use the interest to buy Gatti's Pizza Rolls with their ranch made fresh in house. Can't go wrong with that combo.

What would you do with an extra $17 a month? This month for me: It was Pizza rolls.
or  you could save it up and pocket an extra $200+ per year.

I say $200+ because any amount over $1000 still earns 50x MORE than my bankofanotherfeeforya savings account. The INTEREST ALONE will earn another dollar in interest every year. You could almost double it if you moved it over to a discover savings account.

To put it in perspective how awesome this is: My bankofanotherfeeforya Savings account would earn $0.10 every year for the $1000 and that interest would earn $0.000002 

Keep on Saving the good Save people,
This is Nifty Nate calling it a night.
Don't Forget to be Awesome.