Monday, October 23, 2017

Lesson 4: Sign Up For $0 Annual Fee Cash Back Credit Cards To Build Your Credit

Lesson 4: Sign Up for $0 annual fee Cash Back Credit Cards.

2016-2017 my CASH BACK CREDIT CARDS have earned:

All have a $0 annual fee.
The Journey card gets 1.25% cash back with autopay. Citi gets 2% everywhere, and American Express gets me 3% back but only at grocery stores (not discount stores like Walmart or Target, I use the Citicard there. )

Most of the time I use the Citi DoubleCash card because it gets me 2%.
I get groceries at HEB or Sprouts so I always pay with my American Express there and get 3%
And finally Costco only accepts Visa so I use the Journey card to get an extra 1.25% on top of the 2% that the executive membership gets me there. For a total of 3.25% back.

UPDATE: Oct 2017

I have now Added the Discover IT card to my armory to get 5% back on Amazon and Target till January. This is also a $0 annual fee card.


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